How do I book a class

All classes must be booked online; we cannot accept telephone bookings. The booking system is open 24 hours days and enables you to manage your classes; keep tally of your sessions and purchase more session all at your convenience.


For an up to date class schedule please visit our London Class page or our class schedule page on FaceBook Anyone arriving for a class that hasn’t booked will be turned away and not allowed to attend the training session.

Can I cancel?

Please be aware we run a cancellation policy that does not allow for cancellations if there is less than 24hrs to the class, although we would appreciate you cancelling your session via our online booking system to potentially free a space up for somebody else to train.

If you do want to cancel a class with more than 24hrs notice, simply log into your account and cancel the session via here and the credit will be returned to your session count automatically.

If you have any questions as to how this cancellation policy works please do email info@keepfitbootcamp.com Please be advised all enquiries regarding refunds for classes not taken or cancelled will be charged a class credit for administration costs of dealing with the request which will be denied anyway given our strict and clear policy on late cancellation.

Can I join a waiting list if a class is full

If a class you wish to attend is full you can register your name to the waiting list, we accept 8 people to join this list. You will be reminded a day before that you are on the list so that you take suitable training gear with you.

The system will add those at the top of the waiting list to the class, if there is a cancellation. Please be aware that this is an automated process and if you decide to cancel or not attend you will still be charged.

If you receive the automated email less than 3 hours till the class start time and you do not wish to attend we will gladly credit you for your missed class as we do appreciate it my no longer be feasible for you to train. However you will have to alert us of this.

What if I am late?

Attendees who are more than 10 minutes late will not be able to attend the class due to health and safety reasons. In this case classes will be counted as attended and cannot be rescheduled. Please refer back to our cancellation policy for further details.

How do I get a refund?

Refunds will only be given for cancellations based on medical reasons. A medical letter will be required and there will be a £18.00 administrative charge. If packages go unused and a refund is not requested, the packages and payments are forfeited. If you brought the package via a daily deal then you will have to speak directly with the company you brought the classes from regarding any issues relating to refunds.

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