How to get and keep fit

Physical fitness is an activity that many people would like to incorporate into their lives. The main goal is building a healthier body and leading a healthier lifestyle.

At Keepfit Bootcamp we recognise the limitations and difficulties of starting your fitness journey. Therefore, we have put together the following tips for you.

Remember that not everything you read about exercise is true. Always check the credentials of the author you’re looking at or the trainer you’re working with. Some might have limited experience or just expressing their own opinion.

Before joining a gym or buying expensive home-training equipment, think about the exercises you enjoy doing.

Motivating yourself to get into fitness and be active can be difficult. Think about including others into your fitness regiment. Dogs love to run, start running with your dog if you have one. Join fun fitness sessions together with a friend.

Use the Apps on your smartphone to keep yourself motivated. There are plenty of motivating and fun fitness applications that will let you get and keep fit.
Browse the App store or google play on your smartphone to find the ones that interest you.

Changing the style of your training can be incredibly motivating, and varying your workout to include different exercise routines will stop you from getting bored.
Exercising in the fresh air is a wonderful experience. It will never matter what the weather is like, you can always keep fit by working out outside.

If you suffer from or like to prevent common injuries from fitness such as knee injuries, we recommend strengthening your hip muscles. This helps lessening the burden on your knees, as your hips will have more control over the movement of your legs.

Please remember that stretching is an important part of your workouts, in order to keep fit. Stretching your muscles in between sets of exercises for 20 to 30 seconds increases overall body strength by 20 percent.

Therefore at Keepfit Bootcamp we have different kind of fitness activities that everyone can work with and enjoy and we help you start your fitness journey and we keep you fit.

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