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Check out our fitness instructors, straight from the gym!

Andrew Youngman


STAY STRONG – LIVE LONG, that’s what Andrew Youngman says. A highly competent Fitness Professional and Personal Trainer who began his career in the fitness industry back in 2007. Andrew’s main areas of expertise lie in bodyweight exercise training using the increasingly popular TRX Suspension Training, Circuit Training, weight-loss exercise and Exercise Rehabilitation (post-injury). Andrew possesses a very goal-orientated approach where he has a great passion for helping clients succeed with their results. Aside from possessing a massive interest in fitness he also has a solid educational background in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation where he graduated from the University of Kent with a Masters Degree in the same discipline. Andrew is registered through the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He has a significant interest in sport – mainly football where he continues to play but prefers watching.


Gabriel Orayinka

Gabriels experience as a professional dancer combined with his knowledge and enthusiasm for fitness makes his class truly unique, combining high energy free style aerobics combined with carefully choreographed work out routines his sessions are motivational fun and guaranteed to get you results.


Sebastian Bailey

Sebastian is a qualified and passionate trainer with over 7 years of experience with helping people to reach their fitness goals.
Whether it’s working with groups of people in a class setting or getting the best out of a client on an one on one basis , his expertise and enthusiastic approach gets great results.

Some of the areas He particularly specialise in are:

Bodyweight circuit training

Preparation for adventure runs (eg. tough mudder)

Boxfit training


Katia Calamia

Energetic Group Fitness Instructor and strongly results oriented . Highly motivated to help people reach their goals and push themselves over their limits.

Katia is motivated by helping members at all fitness levels get into the best shape of their lives. Strongly believes health is a conscious lifestyle choice necessary for longevity and happiness.

In love with Obstacle Races, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Mud Run Experience. Her fitness journey started when she trained to lose weight and lost 20 kg by exercise and healthy nutrition. She strongly believes that it’s never too late to be the best version of yourself and that the body achieves what the mind believes.

Ever since she has been involved in the fitness world her quote is “Victory belongs to the most Persevering. The best or Nothing!

Jason is a REPS 4 qualified Personal Trainer specialising in body composition and weight loss, a UK Athletics Running Coach, and Army PTI. He loves outdoor based fitness and his training belief system is in functional, full body exercises using HIIT circuits, Kettle Bells, TRX and Boxing.


In recent years Jason has successfully passed the All Arms Commando Course, competed on a regular basis in Ultra Marathons, as well running the 260 mile Pennine Way unsupported in 8 days.


His philosophy is that fitness should be fun, promote long lasting confidence and inspire self-belief to achieve more.


If you have the will, I have the way!, says Jason.

Jason Taylor


Brett Horton

Double Ironman Triathlete. Ice Water Swimmer. Ultrarunner. Century Cyclist.

Five years ago like so many Brett was glued to the sofa. Inspired by London 2012 weighing 18 stone he started training and last year he came 8th in the world’s toughest double ironman triathlon. This year he will attempt to complete the Brutal Events’ Triple Iron Triathlon within the strict 64hrs cut-off.

Brett is now an experienced and passionate fitness professional focused towards sports body and cardio fitness conditioning. Lose weight, get fit and tone up? His passion lies with class instruction, fun bootcamps and in building fitness tribes; and he will share some of his top tips with you.

He writes a new schedule for every Bootcamp and fitness session and prides himself that every session you attend will have new exercises for you to learn and master. And you will have lots and lots of fun!

And if you want to see if you are fitter than one of the fittest men on the planet, he takes part where he can in most of his sessions. Are you fitter and stronger than Brett? Only one way to find out!

Keepfit Bootcamps are delighted to welcome Brett to the team. His Bootcamp sessions are as follows; we are expecting lots of interest so please reserve your places early as these sessions will fill up.


Andrei Rusu

I’ve been into fitness pretty much as long as I remember myself, says Andrei. He joined a military college at the age of 16. He qualified as a personal trainer 3 years ago and never looked back.  To train people is his passion and feels rewarded when he sees results and progress of his clients. He is specialised mostly in bodyweight training. He pushes the body to its limits and delivers intense and high impact sessions using very specialised movements.

You will be shocked but what your body can do. Due to his own my spine condition, He can’t lift heavy weights, it will aggravate the problem, he says. However since the shift in his own training from weights he went on to designing new exercises using my own bodyweight, aimed at getting stronger and more mobile. He believes that keeping the muscles and joints strong and healthy are vital.  He also firmly believes that results come from combination of healthy well balanced nutrition and an exercise regime.


Sylvia Osei-Tutu

Kitty Karp


Kitty graduated from Semmelweis Physical Education University as a PE teacher and aerobics instructor. She did further trading in London and became an Insanity Instructor and gained Level3 Personal Trainer certifications. She teaches step aerobic, fat burning, body sculpt, circuit and leg&bum&tums boot camp. Her training programmes focuses on using body weight to strengthen the core and she also delivers specialised HIIT classes.
Kitty is an enthusiastic and motivating instructor who brings fun into exercise and is passionate about helping people reach their fitness goal


Domenico Patronaggio

Domenico is fully qualified as a REPs Level 3 Advanced Instructor, he is a LBT Bodypump teacher, insanity instructor, plus an experienced spinning and conditioning trainer – which means that he can safely teach and instruct people of all ages and abilities across various disciplines.
Domenico’s fitness story started with Martial Arts in 1995; training in the Shitō-ryū style of Karate, achieving a brown belt in this discipline. Domenico has also competed on an international level in full contact Kick Boxing, Power Lifting and Obstacle Races.His specialities are functional training; HIIT and Les Mills Classes.

Domenico says: “I believe that everyone can reach their goals, motivation and willpower are the most important factors during coaching and training” He revels in challenges and competitiveness, that’s why he wants to push his clients beyond their self determined limits, to meet their goals.



Kat teaches traditional Hatha yoga and incorporates meditation, breathing and relaxation into classes. She believes that regular practice can improve health, physically, mentally, even spiritually. To give the practitioner (you) a more balanced and positive life.

With her extensive knowledge of Yoga, nutritional therapy and human anatomy and physiology she helps creating healthy habits to regain self love and develop balance.

She will help you discover that magic within you too.