Corporate Fitness Sessions

Revitalise your workforce with our Fitness sessions!

There are many ways employees can help you grow a successful business. We recognise that by having a physically fit and healthy workforce you can help your company reduce absenteeism levels, increase productivity, help with team bonding and create a positive environment for your staff.


2018 Corporate Keep Fit fitness training packages are the perfect way to keep you and your workforce fit, healthy and motivated. By providing expert trainers, our wide range of corporate fitness classes can be tailor-made to suit the needs of your workforce and office culture no matter what shape or size.


Our corporate fitness packages can be delivered for groups of 4 people right up to groups of 20.

We pride ourselves in keeping our clients motivated and empowered therefore many keep training with us all year around.

Our bespoke corporate fitness programme can work wonders for the health of your business as well as the individual health of your co-workers and employees.


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What sort of classes do we deliver at our corporate bootcamps?

At Keepfitbootcamp we believe variety is the key to getting people to enjoy their training

Team Building

Fitness Testing

Self defence

Weight reduction package


Cardio Core Circuits

Yoga & Pilates




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